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The Hackett Group, LLC

Pension Consultants, Investment and Municipal Advisor

Our practice reflects the diverse strengths and values of the firms' principals and consultants, independently evaluating investment portfolio, pension portfolios, governmental finance and processes to ensure equitable and sustainable solutions over the long term for the organization and its people. The Hackett Group, LLC works closely with our clients, providing them with the experience, and resources tailored to their specific needs.


Guiding Principles

The hallmarks of our approach are training and education.  The Hackett Group helps our clients build a sound platform for providing results to their stakeholders. 

For fiduciaries, we view our role as interpreter, translating and integrating the complex activities of a Fund's investment advisors, money managers, custodial bank, transition managers and actuaries into an accessible format.  Our goal is to enable trustees to make properly informed decisions – and to make these impactful decisions with absolute confidence that the long-term benefit of plan participants and their beneficiaries is properly served.

For public and non-profit entities, we view our role as guide and thought leader, facilitating and streamlining communication in order to effect the changes needed by the organization to best serve its constituents.  We work on a peer-to-peer basis, supporting employees at all levels in developing buy-in.

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