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About Us

With years of experience in the industry, we are confident in providing clients with the highest level of service and exceptional results. Our team of passionate specialists specialize in a range of financial services, including tax planning, investment advisory, and financial planning.

The Hackett Group, LLC
Hackett Robertson Tobe Group ("HRT")

The Hackett Group, LLC (“THG”) is a boutique pension and investment consulting practice based in New Orleans and was founded by Toni Hackett Antrum in 2011. The firm is an independent institutional investment consulting firm and a registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Hackett Group provides customized investment counsel and consulting services primarily to public funds, retirement plan sponsors, fiduciaries, private and political subdivisions. The firm is the successor firm to Washington Hackett, Smith & Company (WHS) - the groundbreaking organization founded 35 years ago as the nation’s first minority-owned pension consulting firm. In addition to pension and investment consulting, the firm’s principals provide investment banking, real estate analysis, public policy consulting and governmental fiscal and operational reviews, and is registered with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a municipal advisor. The firm is Woman and Minority owned and is a DBE, certified by the City of New Orleans.

The Hackett Group, retains a staff of seven, and if needed augments staff with subject matter expertise as needed (actuarial, legal, etc.). When retained the firm assembles a highly customized superior team, thereby offering an incomparable level of service without the client having to hire multiple, large consulting firms. This model allows the firm to address complex, multi-layered subjects, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach and subject matter expertise, which includes investment management (private and public), pension fund management, capital market practices, fiduciary and board practices, actuarial science, employee benefits plan issues, real estate finance and technical expertise, and traditional public finance.

The Hackett Group consulting services consist of:

  • Asset allocation analysis and liability analysis (investment pools)

  • Investment performance measurement

  • Investment Policy Development

  • Alternative investment review

  • Manager and Pension Fund Vendor search and selection including custodian, actuary, transition management, securities lending

  • Defined Contribution plan design

  • Actuarial studies, defined benefit plan redesign, customized research

  • Comprehensive pension review – both investment and operational

  • Public policy analysis

  • Financial Advisory Services including management of bond proceeds

  • Process review and planning; and

  • Real estate consulting and analysis

Value Proposition/Differentiating Factors


Experienced Consultants

The consultants at the firm have served as an independent investment consultant for institutional funds collectively for more than 100 years, primarily focused on public funds


Diverse Team

The most important differentiating factor is the flexibility and customization offered with the solution delivered by an exceptionally experienced team primarily composed of minority women and men. As the only African American and woman owned pension consulting firm in this area of pension consulting each client represents a marquis relationship. Every engagement allows us to continue to build our firm projects addressing the barriers and hurdles hampering growth of diverse firms in this area of public pension investing and consulting.


Trustee Education Leaders

In addition, this team recognizes the need to establish an education-centric relationship with clients in order to best equip the staff and fiduciaries to evaluate investment decisions. Educational seminars are coordinated and tailored to address specific issues surrounding the pool of assets, market conditions, changes in public law affecting the asset pool and other topics that are important to the fiduciary responsibilities of the staff.


Independent and Conflict-Free

The Hackett Group provides independent investment consulting services that are fully transparent and free from any conflicts of interest. In providing our services, we view ourselves as an extension of the Board and will act as a fiduciary to the plan. In addition, we do not accept any fees or remunerations from money managers or other third parties.

A project the firm conducted that illustrates the flexibility and the multidisciplinary expertise of the firm was an operational and investment analysis of a municipal pension fund. The firm was engaged to review and provide in-depth compressive investment analysis, performance review and recommendations for improvement of the City’s pension funds. This project included a review of the actuarial assumptions of the pension plans and recommendation of possible benefits modifications, as well as assessing the impact of these modifications on funding ratios and contributions. The Hackett Group reviewed the investment portfolios of each fund, including a total portfolio review of well over 40 Equity, Fixed and Alternative Investments separate accounts. The team also evaluated the funds’ investment policy statements and governance processes. With this valuable analysis, the City made the appropriate policy and legislative decisions regarding the retirement system.

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The Hackett Group Team

Meet team at Hackett Robertson Tobe Group. Our team of highly experienced professionals comes from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to cater to a variety of financial needs.

Consulting Philosophy

The firm welcomes a long-term fiduciary relationship with its clients, to guide and assist in implementation across all major areas of public pension fund governance and management.  When engaged we identify the state of the funds’ risks and controls, strengths and weaknesses and will tailor our approach, working with the board members, trustees, staff, plan participants or other stakeholders to provide the insights, education and support determined to be most value-added.

Representative Projects

  • City of New Orleans Ethics Training

  • Maryland Retirement System Operational Audit

  • New Orleans Municipal Employment Retirement System

  • New Orleans Fire Fighters Fund Pension Review

  • Municipal Advisor to New Regional Transit Authority(RTA)

  • Municpal Advisor to New Orleans Aviation Board(NOAB)


The Hackett Group utilizes an “expert of experts” model - employing experienced, in-house senior consultants with direct and efficient access to the resources of multiple leading resources. When retained, the firm assembles a highly customized superior team, thereby offering an incomparable level of service without the client having to hire multiple, large consulting firms. This model allows the firm to address complex, multi-layered subjects, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach and subject matter expertise.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of our clients. We look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve your financial goals. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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