The Hackett Group is an​ independent boutique consultancy focusing on public and non-profit management, organizational improvement and finance.  Rooted in New Orleans, the firm pursues growth and development primarily within the Gulf-South and Mid-South regions.  Our consultants are dedicated to technical excellence and civic engagement, and have proven track records of public leadership.


The Hackett Group is the successor firm to Washington Hackett, Smith & Company, the groundbreaking organization founded in 1988 as the first minority-owned pension consulting firm in the United States.  Our firm (founded in 2011) is 100% Woman- and Minority-Owned, and is certified as a DBE by the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.  We are proud of our history of collaboration with public entities and other MBEs and DBEs.

The Hackett Group is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The firm is registered as a municipal advisory by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).


The hallmarks of our approach are training and education.  The Hackett Group helps our clients build a sound platform for providing results to their stakeholders. 


For fiduciaries, we view our role as interpreter, translating and integrating the complex activities of a Fund's investment advisors, money managers, custodial bank, transition managers and actuaries into an accessible format.  Our goal is to enable trustees to make properly informed decisions – and to make these impactful decisions with absolute confidence that the long-term benefit of plan participants and their beneficiaries is properly served.


For public and non-profit entities, we view our role as guide and thought leader, facilitating and streamlining communication in order to effect the changes needed by the organization to best serve its constituents.  We work on a peer-to-peer basis, supporting employees at all levels in developing buy-in.


Multi-Faceted Expertise 

The Hackett Group is a national expert in the area of public pension funds, 403 B, deferred compensation, investment, post-retirement health benefits, actuarial analysis, and OPEB.  The firm is actively involved in the national public pension debate with various trustee and industry organizations, including plan sponsors and state and local government.  We study legislation, monitor pension reform efforts, analyze political positions and anticipate emerging trends and risks, leading to informed, proactive decision making. 

Throughout their careers, The Hackett Group's consultants have been dedicated to civic engagement and public service.  They have experience in local, state and national political and governmental affairs, and extensive relationships throughout these institutions.



Business Structure 


The principals of The Hackett Group supplement our in-house expertise by leveraging the relationships and strategic partnerships we have developed through our more than 80 years of collective experience in the financial services and public policy industries.  Depending on your unique needs, we will assemble a tailored team that may consist of other pension consultants, financial analysts, actuaries and specialized support.  We bring to the client high levels of expertise integrated into a seamless service experience, all at efficient, notably competitive costs.

Who We Are

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